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[UB & LB] D650X ★ monxDIFIED™ ★ SIRIUZ2™ (442.314) BEST AROMA [v04-10][28/09/2014]

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rom [UB & LB] D650X ★ monxDIFIED™ ★ SIRIUZ2™ (442.314) BEST AROMA [v04-10][28/09/2014]

Message par Invité le Jeu 12 Juin - 23:09

•    Version "MOBILE"
•    Version "WEB"

Avertissement : Cette opération comporte des risques Ni XDA NI AndroidAddict ne peut être tenu responsable des éventuels problèmes rencontrés.

[ROM][UB & LB] D650X ★ monxDIFIED™ ★ SIRIUZ2™ (442.314) BEST AROMA [v04-10]


[+] Updated TWRP recovery v2.8.0.1
--- Working MTP mode (disabled by default)
--- MTP mode loading for few secs
(i) Changelog :
[+] Super-vivid mode image enhancement (Z3)
[+] DUALSHOCK4 compatibility + wizard (Z3)
(i) with all possible dependencies & configs
[+] Interactive QuickSettings (Z3)
[+] Updated media tones (Z3)
[+] Updated fonts (Z3)
[+] Updated Xperia Themes (Z3)
[+] Updated Xperia Wallpapers + Live (Z3)
[+] Added charging & full charged sound
(i) full charge sound option in accessibility
[+] Added app(s)
--- SONY Movie Creator v2.1.A.0.4 (Z3)
--- CAMERA AR fun v2.0.10 (Google Play)
--- CAMERA Sound Photo v1.0.0 (Z3)
(i) working sound photo using SONY Album
[+] Updated app(s)
--- AdAway v2.9.1
--- Box v3.2.1 (AROMA)
--- CAMERA AR effect v3.1.10
--- CAMERA Background defocus v1.2.12 (Z3)
--- CAMERA Info-eye v1.6.07
--- CAMERA Portrait retouch v3.0.A.0.17 (C3)
--- CAMERA Social live v1.0.23
--- Chrome v37.0.2062.117 (AROMA)
--- Facebook v17.
--- File Commander v2.4.277 (AROMA)
--- Google Play Games v2.0.13 (1404932-038)
--- Google Play services v6.1.09 (1459805-038)
--- Google Search v3.6.14.1337016.arm
--- Google Text-to-speech Engine v3.2.12.1369973.arm
--- OfficeSuite v7.5.2129 (Pro via Xperia Lounge)
--- Photo Editor v19.2.A.0.3 (C3)
--- SONY Album v6.3.A.0.12
--- SONY themed stock browser (AROMA)
--- SONY Movies v7.3.A.0.2
--- SONY Sketch v2.0.A.1.7 (AROMA)
--- SONY Update Center v2.3.0.A.0.7 (Z3)
--- SONY WALKMAN v8.4.A.4.4
--- SuperSU v2.11 (beta)
--- TalkBack v3.5.2
--- Total Commander v2.05b5 (beta)
--- Xperia Lounge v2.8.10 (AROMA)
--- YouTube v5.10.3.5

Anciennes version:

[monXdifedZ-Sirius-314_v04.02] *CRITICAL UPDATE*

[+] CRITICAL CONFIGS UPDATE (/system/etc/*)
[+] D6502 (3G) support attempt #3
(i) Updated modules for D6502
[+] Updated AROMA script security addons
[+] Added app(s)
--- File Commander v2.4.271 (AROMA)
(i) stock file manager by Mobile Systems, Inc.
[+] Updated app(s)
--- Chrome v36.0.1985.131 (AROMA)


[+] UPDATED base D6503:4.4.2/17.1.2.A.0.314
[+] UPDATED TWRP recovery binaries
[+] Added Firmware changes detection in AROMA
(i) Aroma will remind to flash kernel from ftf
[+] Updated app(s)
--- Box v3.1.2 (AROMA)
--- Chrome v36.0.1985.128 (AROMA)
--- Facebook v13.
--- Gmail v4.9 (1271612)
--- Google Play Games v2.0.11 (1269547-038)
--- Google Play services v5.0.88 (1297476-038)
--- Google Play Store v4.9.13
--- Google Maps v8.2.0
--- ONandroid script v9.51
[+] Added Samsung Sans fonts (AROMA)



[+] Realtime insecure adb patch (root mode)
(i) No more adb error garbage in logcat
(i) No more fatal reboot on usb debugging toggle
[+] Updated app(s)
--- Facebook v12.
--- Google Keep v2.3.02 (AROMA)
--- Google Search v3.5.16.1262550.arm
--- SONY WALKMAN v8.4.A.1.4
--- Xperia Lounge v2.8.8 + Pass v1.01 (AROMA)



[+] Camera Fix on drm patch
[+] Updated app(s)
--- Google Play services v5.0.84 (1259630-038)
--- Xperia Lounge v2.8.7 (AROMA)



[+] UPDATED base D6503:4.4.2/17.1.1.A.0.438
[+] D6502 (3G) support attempt #2
[+] Updated recovery scripts
[+] Removed apps
--- Phasebeam live wallpaper
--- GooManager
[+] Added apps
--- Box (cloud storage) v3.0.2 (AROMA)
--- Google Keep v2.2.11 (AROMA)
--- Sunbeam live wallpaper
[+] Updated apps
--- Facebook v11.
--- Google Maps v8.1.1
--- Google Search v3.5.15.1254529.arm
--- SONY Audio Recorder v1.00.13
--- SuperSU v2.01
--- Terminal Emulator v1.0.62
--- Xperia Lounge v2.8.6 (AROMA)
--- YouTube v5.7.41


[+] D6502 (3G) variant now supported
[+] Updated TWRP recovery v2.7.1.0
(i) Changelog :
[+] Updated OnAndroid script v9.50
[+] Updated apps
--- AdAway v2.8.1 (d4rken build)
--- CAMERA Info-eye v1.4.10
--- CAMERA Social live v1.0.22
--- Facebook v10.
--- Google Maps v8.1.0 (new build)
--- OfficeSuite Pro v7.5.2005 (AROMA)
--- Sony Sketch v2.0.A.1.1 (AROMA)
(i) now with downloadable stickers & more
--- SuperSU v2.00
--- Xperia Keyboard v6.4.A.1.24
--- Xperia Lounge v2.8.4 (AROMA)
--- YouTube v5.7.38
[+] Added apps
--- Sony STM10 Audio Recorder v1.00.10


[+] Updated TWRP recovery binaries
[+] System & data partitions performance tweak
[+] Ability to disable patched insecure ADB
(i) rename /system/etc/init.d/01_insecureADB
--- to 01_insecureADB.bak and reboot.
[+] Updated Total Commander config
[+] Updated apps
--- SuperSU v1.99r4
[+] Added apps
--- Z2 STOCK Photo Editor
(i) T2 Photo editor can be used side-by-side
--- with more features especially portrait retouch
and more. This app icon is RED.


[+] Fixed (CAMERA) AR effect FC
[+] Fixed Google Play Service outdated libraries
[+] Updated apps
--- Chrome v35.0.1916.141
--- Google Maps v8.1.0
--- Google Play Store v4.8.20
--- Google Text-to-speech Engine v3.1.3.1162895
--- SONY Movies v7.0.A.0.8
--- SuperSU v1.99r3
--- Terminal Emulator v1.0.61
--- Video Unlimited v12.0.A.1.1 (AROMA)
--- YouTube v5.7.36
[+] Added apps
--- Xperia Lounge v2.8.3 (AROMA)


[+] UPDATED base D6503:4.4.2/17.1.1.A.0.402
[+] Added Stock Kernel flashing option in AROMA
(i) In mode [1] & [2] only
[+] Fixed color emoji on HTC fonts
[+] Updated apps
--- Chrome v35.0.1916.122
--- Cloud Print v0.9.10
--- Gmail v4.8 (1167183)
--- Google Play services v4.4.52 (1174655-038)
--- OfficeSuite Pro v7.5.1952 (via Xperia Lounge)
--- SONY Album v6.1.A.0.14
--- SONY Torch v2.1.9
--- SONY WALKMAN v8.3.A.0.7
--- SuperSU v1.99r2
--- Terminal Emulator v1.0.60
--- Total Commander v2.05b2
--- Xperia keyboard v6.4.A.1.4
--- Xposed Installer v2.6.1
[+] Added apps
--- CAMERA (T2 Ultra) Portrait Retouch v1.0.B.0.7
--- T2 Ultra Photo Editor v2.0.A.0.13
(i) replaces stock photo editor
[+] Sony Select included by default
(i) as dependency for some Sony apps


[monXdifedZ-Sirius-69_v01.01] AROMA

[+] Initial ver based on D6503:4.4.2/17.1.A.2.69
[+] TWRP recovery v2.7.0.0
(i) Faster recovery |
[i] TA backup/restore, UI refinements, etc
[+] Deodexed,rooted,busybox,sqlite,adb,init.d,etc
--- SuperSU v1.94
--- BusyBox v1.21.1
[+] Adv 5 ways Reboot menu + Fullscreen toggle
(i) + Recovery,Bootloader,Flashmode,Safemode
[+] Core framework refinements
--- Huge APN list
(i) No need download settings on 1st start
--- Embossed black titlebar
--- Dark inverted buttonbar
--- Cosmetic Holo style fixes on 3rd party apps
--- Screen all rotation enabled
[+] Ext SD Card write permission
[+] Monitor rom changelogs in About settings panel
[+] Adb notification disabled
[+] Force enabled Developer options
[+] Clean Home interface on first clean boot
[+] App drawer sorted alphabetically by default
[+] Neat modded stock boot animation
[+] Disabled startup wizard & all annoyance
[+] 48px Navigation Bar as default (stock size)
[+] Debloated most useless apps
[+] Mobile data off notification disabled
[+] APK(s) auto-installer on 1st clean boot
(i) Apk must be in /sdcard/!auto-install
(i) Apk name cannot contains any space
[+] Added performance tweaks on start-up
--- Auto zipaligning all user apks
--- Auto optimizing sqlite databases
[+] Mobile/phone tweaks
--- Smart Call Handling in phone settings
--- Use only 2G/3G option
--- Mic noice supression option enabled
--- Answering Machine feature enabled
--- Speed Dial feature enabled
--- Call recording feature enabled
--- More preferred network mode
[+] Multilingual (Arabic,etc)
[+] Camera lockscreen launch sound disabled
[+] Added 'Silent' ringtone & notification
[+] Pre-configured Total Commander & SuperSU
[+] Added apps
--- AdAway v2.8.1
(i) auto restore if previously exists
--- SONY Notes v1.0.A.4.2
--- SONY TaskKiller v1.0
--- SONY Tasks v1.0.A.0.1
--- SONY Torch v2.1.1
--- Terminal Emulator v1.0.59
--- Total Commander v2.05b1
--- Xposed Installer v2.6
(i) auto restore xposed framework if exists
--- GooManager v2.1.3
--- OnAndroid script v9.20
--- Rescan SD v1.4
(i) rescan media db for new added pic/movie/sound
[+] Latest Google & Sony common apps
[+] Updated apps
--- CAMERA AR effect v3.0.27
(i) more downloadable effects
--- CAMERA Background defocus v1.2.6
--- CAMERA Social live v1.0.21
--- Chrome v34.0.1847.114
--- Facebook v9. (Official release)
--- Gmail v4.7.2 (967015)
--- Google Maps v8.0.0
--- Google Play Games v1.6.07 (1129543-38)
--- Google Play Store v4.6.17
--- Google Search v3.4.16.1149292.arm
--- Google Play services v4.3.25 (1117461-038))
--- Google Text-to-speech Engine v3.0.11.1070024
--- OfficeSuite Pro v7.5.1946 (via Xperia Lounge)
--- PlayStation Mobile v1.6.0
--- Smart Connect v5.6.29.265
--- SONY Account Manager v2.2.0
--- SONY Album v6.0.A.0.26
--- SONY Movies v6.2.A.0.10
--- SONY WALKMAN v8.3.A.0.5
--- Xperia keyboard v6.4.A.0.6
--- YouTube v5.6.36
[+] Other common & advanced tweaks


1) Un SONY Xperia Z2 D650x
2) Avoir déverrouillé le Bootloader Tutoriel ici par notre Amis Pika 33 http://www.franconau 
3) Avoir un Un Recovery Custom
4) Assurez vous d'avoir une batterie chargée au maximum
(minimum 75%)


Copiez /collez le fichier .zip à la racine de votre Sd card.
Éteignez votre Sony Xperia Z2
Redémarrez en recovery > lorsque vous voyez le bootlogo Sony et la led rouge qui vire au (rose/ambre/orange), appuyez/pressez sur volume haut.
Important : commencez par faire une sauvegarde de votre rom actuelle en sélectionnant Backup & Restore puis Backup.
Puis, sélectionnez Wipe data/factory reset puis validez sur Yes.
Sélectionnez Wipe cache partition puis validez sur Yes.
Sélectionnez Advanced puis Wipe Dalvik cache et validez sur Yes.
Ensuite, sélectionnez install zip from sdcard dans le menu Recovery.
Puis, sélectionnez Choose zip from sdcard.
Enfin, choisissez le la et validez sur Yes.
Enfin, sélectionnez Reboot System Now lorsque vous avez terminé
Votre mobile va redémarrer. Soyez patient pour le premier redémarrage.
Profitez pleinement de votre nouvelle Rom.


Pour faire apparaître les liens, juste un Petit Merci en répondant au Topic...
Merci de votre compréhension...


   Merci   @ monx

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rom Re: [UB & LB] D650X ★ monxDIFIED™ ★ SIRIUZ2™ (442.314) BEST AROMA [v04-10][28/09/2014]

Message par pika 33 le Ven 13 Juin - 0:02

encore bravo Mikael  [img]http://www.yapl 
pika 33
pika 33

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rom Re: [UB & LB] D650X ★ monxDIFIED™ ★ SIRIUZ2™ (442.314) BEST AROMA [v04-10][28/09/2014]

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M.A.J. Poste 1 :

_ - 02/07/14

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rom Re: [UB & LB] D650X ★ monxDIFIED™ ★ SIRIUZ2™ (442.314) BEST AROMA [v04-10][28/09/2014]

Message par pika 33 le Dim 6 Juil - 16:47

merci post-it pour la mise a jour   
je l'ai installé hier dans la soirée en full wipe sans aucun problème
cette rom tourne a la perfection sans aucun bug , je vous la conseille  http://r29.imgfast.n 
pika 33
pika 33

Masculin Age : 51
Date d'inscription : 23/09/2013
Localisation : gironde - creon
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rom Re: [UB & LB] D650X ★ monxDIFIED™ ★ SIRIUZ2™ (442.314) BEST AROMA [v04-10][28/09/2014]

Message par Post-it le Jeu 31 Juil - 16:46



Age : 46
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rom Re: [UB & LB] D650X ★ monxDIFIED™ ★ SIRIUZ2™ (442.314) BEST AROMA [v04-10][28/09/2014]

Message par Invité le Jeu 20 Nov - 12:27

[mod]SIRIUZ2_V04-10 - 28/09/2014[/mod]

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rom Re: [UB & LB] D650X ★ monxDIFIED™ ★ SIRIUZ2™ (442.314) BEST AROMA [v04-10][28/09/2014]

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