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Kernel JB MH2-4.2.2- GalaTab3 Kernel-Tab3_8.0 v14.1.6 UPDATED!

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TUTO Kernel JB MH2-4.2.2- GalaTab3 Kernel-Tab3_8.0 v14.1.6 UPDATED!

Message par jul390 le Ven 17 Jan - 6:55

•    Version "MOBILE"
•    Version "WEB"

*** AndroiDAddict ***

Kernel JB MH2-4.2.2- GalaTab3 Kernel-Tab3_8.0 v14.1.6 UPDATED!

- Je recommande d'utiliser TricksterMod ou une modification de l'application CPU / Kernel similaire pour ajuster les réglages / configurations


Version 14.1.6 http:

- Added 3 CPU Governors for extra versatility - SmartAss3, Lulzactiveq & zzmoove (Thanks Civato!!!!)
- Updated LZO Compression code to allow for vastly improved performance and compression speed (helps with many aspects of I/O speeds and boot times)

anciens changelogs + versions:
Version 13.12.21r5
- Completely Re-wrote Kernel Mod's and/or re-implemented functional features (that are known to be stable)
- Built against an updated & modified 4.7.3 Android Toolchain (up from 4.4.3)
- Added and Implemented Boeffla Sound Engine (You can use a few apps to control the engine)
- Fully implemented GPU Controls!!! Overclocked to 700mhz but works very well at 533mhz (without having to burn through your battery)
- Independent CPU and GPU throttling based on your use. (i.e. - GPU does not ramp up if you are processing heavy data)
*** Again, use TricksterMod to adjust GPU frequencies to your liking)
- Re-Implemented CPU Overclock from 50mhz - 1900mhz
- Rewrote and modified Hotplug for better performance and ramp up's
- Cleaned up several algorithms and eliminated code that is not used on our device
- Eliminated several debugging functions (thanks to ketut.kumajaya for his previous work)
- Added back several additional drivers for BT and USB connections
- Full OTG and Dock features - including charging while using OTG and MHL/HDMI

On a quick test before uploading - this new revision scored over 18000 on the benchmark without implementing "Performance" CPU or overclocking the GPU beyond 533mhz. I'm not a "gamer", so I'm sure some of you will put this to the test, but the core function of this kernel has surpassed the Galaxy III (which I also own). The GPU function and frame rates tripled compared to the last update a month ago!


Version 13.11.08r2
- Modified CPU code and how algorithms function at idile and demand situations
- Updated OnDemand governor and ROW I/O scheduler to maximize performance
- Fixed black screen on device wake
- Adjusted idle frequency so both cores are utilized for better responsiveness
- Rewrote/Updated Hotplug code to be more efficient for the Tab3
- ***FINALLY BROKE 17000 ON BENCHMARK RESULTS!!!****** (Very close to the S3 now)
- Fixed updater script......again......

Version: 13.10.28r4

       Int'd Scripts Added:
       - Swap/zRam Implementation (Run script in terminal emulator once and it will be on until turned off - thanks definitive!!!!)
       - Performace & Battery tweaks
       - ZipAlign Apps at boot
       - Cron memory cleanup scheduling (hourly, daily & weekly)
       - SQLite tweak upon boot
       - Permissions set at every boot
       - GalaTab3 Logging enabled
       - Other various tweaks to maximize performance

- Fixed Permissions on Installer Script (11/1/13)
- Increased eMMC SdCard Readahead speeds to 3072
- Several tweaks, adjustments and updates to existing code. Some items updated to Samsung's new i9500 versions/revisions
- Fixed the CPU Frequency limit when booting. Will now boot at max CPU limit rather than a flat 1600mhz
- Modified CPU logic function so the processor is more adaptive to actual processing needs
- Improved and Modified PM/Sleep registers and functions. Should not have problems waking device to a black screen anymore
- Added additional support for wireless modem features - Allows external modems and bluetooth dongles to be connected via USB
- Added Android Graphic Fence feature/function from AOSP - allows graphics and the media logic to run smoother
- Added Root FS Slave restrictions so the Davik Cache can mount system wide storage and utilize the memory more efficiently
- Adjusted signal reporting so that it show more accurately
- Modified writeback protocol so the memory is freed correctly an is not held for an indefinite time until user operations are suspended
- Transitioned to ASM Atomic memory allocations from the standard Linux version. Much more efficient....
- Disabled several debugging functions that were useless and took up CPU and Memory resources
- Several other tweaks, but I'm way too tired to remember them.....

To Enable/Disable Swap:
1) install a terminal emulator for Play Store
2) Open terminal
3) Type "su", then hit enter
4) Type "swapit", then hit enter
5) follow onscreen instructions

Download v13.10.14:

Version: 13.10.14r7
- Increased Overclock to 1900mhz (blazing fast now!)
- Reduced Underclocking to 50mhz (yep, that's right) (Thanks Civato)
- Re-implemented zRam and it's running smoothly (make sure to use a quality CPU app, like FauxClock, to turn on and adjust zRam function)
- Finalized HotPlugging feature and fully implemented
- Enabled/Added SVGA adapter support (a few users had requested)
- Stripped Debugging on a few features to shrink the size of the Kernel and burden
- Added and Optimized ARM R/W functions
- Modified OnDemand Governor for increased performance
- Increased Read-Ahead Values for Memory (2048)
- Added a LOT of PPP, networking & connectivity drivers - especially for Bluetooth and Network controllers via USB (This will allow you to connect Tab to external modems and several BT interfaces, including Serial)
- Added some additional OTG/Host controller features - allows broader compatibility based on User setup
- Added additional support for generic chargers
- Additional EXT4 File System support features
- Converted several features to Modules to allow Kernel to be less bulky (should increase some performance)
- Various Bug Fixes

Download v13.10.14:

Version: 13.10.11
- Increased Overclock to 1800mhz
- Fully implemented SIO scheduler
Disabled zram (temporarily) while I modify how the kernel handles this feature.

Download v13.10.11 -

Version: 13.10.7
- Based on MH2 4.2.2 Samsung Kernel
- Linux ver 3.0.31
- Overclocked to 1.6mhz (stepping this up slowly so we don't have any problems)
- Underclocked to 100mhz (Amazing battery savings)
- Fine tuned voltage controls
- Added ROW IO Scheduler (Foundation for SIO is implemented too, just need to finalize one thing and it will be active in the next release)
- Adjusted USB and Dock charging voltages to allow for MUCH faster charging on "USB" currents (basically, will charge twice as fast as before)
- Implemented and Enabled zRam. Now you can turn on/off zRam to allow for additional RAM/Swap
- Enabled ARCH power (allows for CPU to run much more efficiently and based on the need)
- Enabled Dynamic FSync (Thanks Faux123!!!)
- Added and Enabled ExFat support
- Several performance mods and fixed a lot of memory leaks...... This thing is running nicely now......
- Enabled Linux Atomic resources
- Several other tweaks, but I'm way too tired too remember.

Basically, this is a major improvement to our Kernel for the T310 and you will instantly see the performance gains.....Enjoy!

Download v13.10.7 -

I figured I would kick off some of the development for the 8.0 version of the Galaxy Tab 8. I've included the kernel I created recently which has helped with several performance issues and allows for OTG with Charging on our Tab 3 8.0.

Version: 13.9.20
- Based on MH1 4.2.2 Source from Samsung
- Compiled from ARM-EABI 4.4.3 ToolChain
- Added "OnDemand" CPU Governor support (Full)
- Added Support for Samsung's SmartDock, AudioDock, OTG and MHL Cable functions (added features/detection roles)
- Added full OTG support and function. This allows for various OTG compatibility and OTG Charging.
- Added MHL Chip Driver, 11 Pin Micro USB Connector Support and fix for MHL HPD Glitch
- Added additional USB Gadget support for devices (Including the Native Android USB Gadget Functions)
- Additional support for FUSE Filesystems - added functionality
- Several bug fixes

**** To enable OTG plus Charging, your OTG cable must have a 64.9k Ohm resistor between the ground and sense ID pins. This will engage the SmartDock function on the tablet, allowing for OTG/USB Hub, MHL, USB Audio and Device Charging simultaneously.
- Please search Google and XDA for making your own OTG cable. This thread is NOT for asking questions about building cables, problems with OTG function, etc..... I have enabled full function in this kernel and this has been extensively tested by several users - IT WORKS!!!!.****
- In order to utilize the OTG and MHL functions, you will need to add an additional hub or MHL port to your OTG cable. Again, this is not the forum for asking how to do this - use Google and XDA as resources on how to build. Chances are, if you don't know how to do this, then you should not be using this function anyway.....
- OTG Charging requires you connect the device to an AC Samsung Charger (OEM, the one that came with device) or a DC Charger that provides 5V, 2+ amp output. Connecting to another charger without this output will limit the functionality of the charging feature.
- I HIGHLY Suggest using an external powered hub to connect additional USB devices (Memory Sticks, Keyboards, Mouse, Bluetooth, Modem, Etc...).


Ne pas Flasher, si vous n'avez pas le mode Recovery via les touches physique de votre téléphone
Ni moi, ni le Forum, ne sera responsable de toutes mauvaise manipulation.


-Custom Recovery [CWM / TWRP]
-Téléchargez le dernier fichier zip
-Placez ce fichier  dans la carte SD de votre téléphone (interne ou externe)
-Sauvegardez toutes vos données en utilisant Titanium Backup ou tout autre logiciel de sauvegarde que vous pourriez avoir.]
-Redémarrez en Recovery en appuyant sur Volume Up et d'accueil tout en appuyant sur le bouton d'alimentation lorsque l'appareil est éteint

-Installez le zip
-wipe cache
-wipe dalvik cache
Bon flash


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Merci de votre compréhension...


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TUTO Re: Kernel JB MH2-4.2.2- GalaTab3 Kernel-Tab3_8.0 v14.1.6 UPDATED!

Message par jul390 le Ven 17 Jan - 17:25

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TUTO Re: Kernel JB MH2-4.2.2- GalaTab3 Kernel-Tab3_8.0 v14.1.6 UPDATED!

Message par jul390 le Sam 18 Jan - 8:32

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Kernel JB MH2-4.2.2- GalaTab3 Kernel-Tab3_8.0 v14.1.6 UPDATED!
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TUTO Re: Kernel JB MH2-4.2.2- GalaTab3 Kernel-Tab3_8.0 v14.1.6 UPDATED!

Message par Post-it le Sam 18 Jan - 10:27

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TUTO Re: Kernel JB MH2-4.2.2- GalaTab3 Kernel-Tab3_8.0 v14.1.6 UPDATED!

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